We Heart Moray provides listings of local accommodation, eateries, and things to do. A basic listing is free of charge, and we offer this to anyone who operates in the tourism, leisure and retail sectors.

You can upgrade your listing at no cost to include your telephone number, website and email address.

You can further upgrade it to include pictures and a separate page of information

Which is best for your business? Remember that this is a generic site that includes lots of listings. When someone clicks away to an individual website, they may well stay there and not come back. By keeping them on this site, the more information they can gather before they leave, the better informed they feel. The more informed theyy feel about a particular business, the more they are likely to click though and stay on that site.

The perfect web user experience iis where the user finds enough information to feel confidnet in their choice and then clicking through to the company’s website to finalise details and make an enquiry or booking. Customers dont want to be cliking back and fiorth until they find what they want, they want to find what they want and get on with their lives.

Further upgrades

Our site is based on good content. You can also get more coverage for your establishment by

Invite us to write about you

We will come to your establishment, write aof our experiuence and post in our website. It’s not a review, we won’t rate you and compare you yo other providers. We’ll write about the products and services you offer us.

Pay us to write about you.

This is where you have more control over what we write. . This is the same as above, but you’ll get the chance to choose what we write about and see it before it’s published. This is sponsored content and will be marked as such, but it’s a great opportunity to have more content on our site that points to you.

Pay us to regualrly promote you.

This is a collaborative content deal that’s negotiable. We’ll write about you, take pictures and even shoot videos. We’ll prionote you on our social channels and you’ll get maximum exposure.