Castle Roy, near Nethy Bridge

Castle Roy is perhaps the simplest fortification you could imagine, it’s a square with high walls. It is built on a high mound with views in every direction. One corner does have what appears to be a lookout tower.

Although now in ruins, it has retained all four walls apart from one corner where it has collapsed. This gives a nicely framed view over the neighbouring church and graveyard. Two other doorways offer views in different directions,

There’s something bright and cheery about the inside space. There’s a lovely green and a gravel path around the edge. On a day with a blue sky and bright sun, it really does feel like a happy place.

There are benches to sit on and picnic (if you remember to bring one!), boards telling the history of Castle Roy, and a wooden stairway to the tower, although i’m not sure why they didn’t make this a little higher so I could see over the top!

There’s a car park nearby with accessible parking even closer, and a flat path that circles round to the main gate. Impatient visitors have cut a rough path up to the collapsed corner, which makes an ugly incision in what is a well-kept site.

There’s an added attraction in the field below the castle – Hamish the Heilan’ coo.

  • Historical interest: 7/10
  • Photo opportunities: 7/10
  • Accessibility: 8/10

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