Biblical Gardens, Elgin

Close to Elgin Cathedral and on the the edge of Cooper Park you will find The Biblical Gardens of Elgin, which are the only Biblical Gardens in Scotland and maybe one of the largest in Europe.

The gardens contain many of the 110 plants mentioned in the scriptures of the Bible which have been cultivated and nurtured by volunteers and horticultural students from Moray UHI.

The gardens opened to the public in 1996 and work continues to improve and to add features to them. From the entrance on King Street there is a central walkway through the gardens laid out in the shape of a Celtic cross. The gardens are laid out around the cross and there are areas that depict different stories form the Bible including Moses receiving the Ten Commandments, The Prodigal Son and Samson in the Temple. A desert area has been created to depict Mount Sinai, The Cave of the Resurrection and a show of flowers to create the ‘Rainbow Bed’. A rock garden has also been created.

The gardens are three acres in size and each plant and flower is referenced with the verse from the Bible in which it appears. The gardens change in appearance throughout the seasons and will certainly mature with age making them a worthwhile place to visit on a regular basis. The gardens provide a haven, giving peace and tranquility and a special place to visit for those that are interested in gardening and the scriptures.

Permission for use of photographs kindly given by Aye Capture Photography


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