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We need you to help us make something special

We Heart Moray started out as a Facebook page, and it soon found a special place in the ‘hearts’ of all the people who love the Moray Speyside region. It reached thousands of people who live here and visit, and it still does. But it needs a place to all home, and while Facebook is a great tool to find people, we know that a website is better long-term strategy.

And while we want to fill it with all the things that Moray has to offer, we don’t want it to be a copy of what’s already out there, or to compete with anyone else promoting the area. We want to add to it, to make Moray stronger, in search engines, on social networks, in your customers’ minds… and hearts.

So how are we going to do that?

We want input from our tourism, hospitality and leisure businesses to make it different, engaging and relevant to 2021. To borrow a quote: ‘Everything we do will be driven by you.’

If you own or run a business that caters for tourists and locals in their leisure time, then we want to hear from you.

We will provide written and photographic content about your business, organisation or event that will inspire your customers as they come out of lockdown.

We know this is a difficult time, but we also recognise it as something we can help with, and as We Heart Moray has officially become a not-for-profit organisation, our motivation is in the right place

What do we want to hear about?

Don’t think you have to be a tourism business to get in touch. We believe that everyone is a tourist once they leave their house (when not in lockdown!) and local people want to know about things to do as well. Staycations are trending and now is the time to start planning…

It might be new services that have come about as a result of lockdown, improved ways of working to keep people safe, or existing businesses who have used their downtime to make improvements. The more contact we have with local businesses, the more we can build a picture of what’s out there

Our aim is to provide high quality, relevant content, that will draw attention to your business, improve search engine rankings for Moray and showcase what you have to offer not only as individual businesses, but as a region.

Don’t wait for us to call on you. Get in touch today. It’s free advertising for you, for Moray and for the future.

Email editor@weheartmoray.com

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